A military base in Quebec, Canada, has recently suffered an "invasion." According to foreign media reports, a multi-page document revealed that the Canadian military is fighting a group of player invaders of "Pokemon GO."

"Pokemon GO" is an AR game launched by Nintendo. Since its release 3 years ago, it has been the most popular AR game in the world.

This game requires players to go out and find various treasures in the real world. Ke Meng, apparently, the game did not delimit the place where Pokémon appeared, so some Pokémon ran to the military base.

Major Jeff Monaghan of the Kingston Army Base in Canada wrote in an email: "It is clear that the Frontenak military base is now an elf post or Pokémon forum."

David Levenick, a security expert at the Canadian military base in Boden, wrote in another message: "The premise of the game seems to be to collect Pokemon at the Elven Post. We should almost hire a 12-year-old child to come Help us solve this problem."

But this problem is not completely without an ending plan, an officer thought of a good way: "Maybe more people will visit the museum!" Major Alicia Saucier said that Boden The Petava Military Museum turns into an elf station, attracting passengers.


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