The only thing that can be confirmed about  sony's PlayStation 5 is that it will be released in 2020, because Sony still hasn't revealed any information, it just said that it will not participate in the E3 game show this year, and the PS5 will be in Released at other independent press conferences.

Seven years ago in February, PS4 came out, and Sony may also look for the same point in time to release PS5. According to previous news, someone broke the news that Sony's PS5 will indeed be released next month.

David Jaffe, as one of the developers of two popular console games, "God of War" and "Flame Speed", tweeted a few days ago to predict the release date of PS5: "There are less than 4 weeks."

Jaffe's "less than 4 weeks" indicates that the PS5 may be released before February 15th, and another leaker provided a different version. He said that the release date is February 5th, and Sony will Reservations are open on the day of release.

Regarding the price, according to previous leaks, the Sony PS5 is priced at $499, and there is only one model and one price, but it may be difficult to buy it at such a low price in the early stage of the host release. Meanwhile, we can just say, as February is fast approaching, let us wait and see.


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