Wi-Fi co-CEO and president Edgar Figueroa said that the Wi-Fi Alliance now introduces the Wi-Fi 6E standard to ensure that the industry has a common terminology that allows Wi-Fi devices, supports 6GHz band when spectrum is available.

According to reports, the new 6GHz standard will be very suitable for promoting the continuous growth of Wi-Fi. This frequency band is adjacent to 5GHz, has greater availability and wider channel size, and can be affected by traditional Wi-Fi 4 or Wi- Obtain clear spectrum in case of Fi 5 equipment interference.

Analysts predict that once the regulator opens the 6GHz band, the first Wi-Fi devices using this band will include Wi-Fi 6E smartphones, such as the iPhone in 2020, and then enterprise access points.

Wi-Fi 6E will use 6GHz to provide augmented and virtual reality (AR / VR) applications for consumers, businesses, and industrial environments.

Qualcomm also highly appreciates the leadership role of the Wi-Fi Alliance, saying that the 6GHz band will open a new era of high-speed, low-latency Wi-Fi 6 experience.


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