In middle last year, May 2019, renowned gaming industry journalist Jason Schreier said the 2020 Call of Duty would be another of the Black Ops series.

Well, this information was corroborated by youtuber The Gaming Revolution, who's known for spreading real news about the Activision shooter.

According to the youtuber, Treyarch will be the studio responsible for the development of the shooter. The producer will still be supported by two other companies: Sledgehammer and Raven Software.

The game is being called “Project Zeus” at the moment, although it is just a code name for Black Ops. The title would follow the same molds as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019), which was a reimagination of the series.

Characters like Alex Mason and Sergeant Frank Woods will however return in the campaign, but new actors will also play their roles.

Hence, the story will follow facts that occurred in past games of the franchise, in addition to including excerpts from the Vietnam War (with views of the Americans, Vietnamese and South Vietnamese) and the Cold War.

The Gaming Revolution also cited some gameplay factors, such as killstreaks. UAV, counter-UAV, a flamethrower, and an anti-aircraft weapon will be some of the prizes for achieving deaths in sequence.

The zombie mode will have a more realistic narrative, which would involve Vietnam. This would depart from the more fanciful view that the mode has had in recent years.

Nevertheless, Activision and Treyarch have not announced a new Black Ops. So far, the only confirmed information is the existence of a Call of Duty for 2020. Other than that, the reported content must be treated as a  rumor.


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