All iPhones in 2020 may be delayed, the outbreak of Corona virus has been subjected to be the cause

According to some close sources, Apple will have to postpone the launch of 5G-enabled iPhones for at least 1 month, while measuring with the iPhone 9 (or iPhone SE2) may be several months. This is one of the significant effects that Corona virus causes.

Specifically, Bloomberg reported that all iPhone models released in 2020 will be seriously affected by the epidemic caused by the Corona virus.

In particular, the iPhone 12 model (Apple's first 5G-enabled model) may be delayed for at least 1 month, instead of September as tradition demands.

Meanwhile, "unlucky", iPhone SE 2 model (iPhone 9 or iPhone 2020) will also be scheduled to launch, but will take up to several months.

The reason for this is that the supply is seriously affected, so the demand for shopping of users has also decreased significantly, making it harder to launch new products.

Speaking to Bloomberg , a representative of Hon Hai, a major Apple component supplier said, "We expect factories in China to start working by the end of March."

Meanwhile, according to Bank of America's Wamsi Mohan, "Apple has not yet determined when the new iPhone will be launched. They are waiting for market action as well as production to rebound in October 4 or May".

Earlier, Foxconn, Apple's largest iPhone assembly partner, also announced that it will resume operations in late March, after a long shutdown due to Covid-19.

It is however, expected that by the end of this month, more than half of factory workers will be prepared to return to work. The factory in China is expected to resume operations by the end of March.


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