Yesterday, Microsoft officially announced billionaire Bill Gates will leave the board of directors of the corporation. Specifically, he wants to spend more time on his charitable work, including in the fields of health, education and climate change.

In an article on LinkedIn , he said that Microsoft's leadership is stronger than ever and this is the right time for him to withdraw, focusing on philanthropy.

Although he leaves Microsoft, he will continue to work as a technology advisor to Satya Nadella - Microsoft CEO and technical leader to guide the vision and accomplish the company's goals.

"It is an honor and a blessing to have worked and learned from Bill Gates for many years. He founded the company with a belief in democratizing software industry and a passion for solving social challenges. .

Microsoft and the world from which to become better. BOM Microsoft has benefited greatly from the leadership and vision of Bill Gates, and the company will continue to continue to benefit from the passion and words advice from Bill Gates to push products and services forward.

I am grateful for the friendship with Bill Gates and look forward to continuing to work on the mission of empowering people, every organized on the planet to create more achievements in the future," Microsoft CEO Satya Nadellasaid after the decision to withdraw from the board of Bill Gates.

Anyways, we should thank Bill Gates, for what he has done for the world of technology and society.


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