Facebook releases the new design for the web with Dark Mode: here's how to activate the new graphics || how to get Facebook dark mode feature on laptop || how to get Facebook dark mode feature on PC view || latest Facebook update

Facebook is starting to distribute its new web design to all users. The new UI matches what the company launched last year on mobile devices and includes an option for Dark Mode when using the platform in a browser.

Facebook first spoke about the changes coming to its platform through mobile apps and the web last April, while the iOS app was first updated in May 2019.

After quite a bit of delay, last January we had a preview of the new web design with the dark mode and the promise that it would reach users "before spring". Am sure you'd like to know how this Facebook new feature "dark mode" works, read on to find out how to activate dark mode on desktop.

Today, on the first day of spring, Facebook announced that the "new and simpler facebook.com" will be launched "to everyone in the coming months".

It's not exactly the update that the company showed in January, but it's nice to see the modern look that goes with the iOS app. So at the meantime, let's see the step-by-step guide on how to activate this new Facebook feature "dark mode".

How To Activate The New Facebook For The Web:

Click on the small arrow in the upper right corner and select "Switch to new Facebook". However, if you didn't see this feature, then you have to try again in the next few days as the company recommends.

How To Activate Dark Mode In The New Facebook For The Web:

After activating the new Facebook design, we click again on the arrow in the upper right corner and then on the "Dark mode" button. And that's it!

Haven't gotten this feature yet, worry not as it'll come to you within the next few days. Tell us what you think about this new Facebook dark mode feature using the comment section.


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