Recently, the US Department of Commerce extended Huawei temporal licenses until May 15. This will allow Huawei to continue dealing with companies from the US during this period.

Specifically, in the accompanying press release, the Ministry of Trade also made a public request on the issue of a temporary license extension, calling for companies based in the US, in the field of technology and telecommunications. By sharing information about potential costs for businesses, the validity of this license ends.

It is known that this is the fourth time Huawei has received a license extension in the US ban. The previous license is expected to expire on April 1.

According to many experts, the relaxation is created to avoid the disruption of the economy currently on the market. In addition, Huawei is currently a leader in the telecommunications market with its 5G infrastructure.

Hence, it is known that the company's 4G infrastructure is also used in some carriers in the US because of its more affordable price.


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