At the Windows Insider Program event today, Microsoft has revealed a new interface for the Start Menu on Windows 10 in the future and is similar to what it has previously revealed on Windows 10X.

Accordingly, Microsoft's designers have shown what they may be doing with a few different ways of revealing the new Start Menu, which will emphasize icons instead of the current Live Tiles effect.

“The idea is to unify the most intuitive interface for the Start Menu, from a bit of complex color to something a little more homogeneous,” Mike LaJoie, one of the icon designers in the Windows team said.

There has been speculation that Microsoft could completely remove Live Tiles, especially after the Windows 10X design was released.

However, that won't happen when Brandon LeBlanc, supervisor of the Windows Insider program, said: "Live Tiles users will still be able to continue using them," he said, implying that the effect might be. This will be able to be adjusted or controlled by the user.

In addition, the new icons will give users more control over the layout, making it suitable for selecting light or dark themes, explains Jason Howard, senior product manager in the Windows Experience team.

With Live Tiles, there is not only an icon but also an expanded background color independent of the theme that the user has chosen.

Meanwhile, Microsoft's new direction will be called Fluent Design. Microsoft has a whole series of posts explaining the principles of Fluent Design and the visual elements of this sophisticated design language.

Microsoft is expected to launch Windows 10X at the end of the festive season with the Surface Neo. How do you feel about this new interface, please let AndroBliz know your opinion using the comment box below.


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