Apple will launch the next iPhone in September, but as usual, "Bite the apple" still completely confidential about everything related to the new iPhone generation.

However, no secret could be hidden forever, recently, some first leaked information about the iPhone 12 model showed new screen sizes with the 5.4-inch model, as well as 5G support.

At the moment, there are some iPhone 12 concept videos on YouTube that show a bunch of creative ideas that are unlikely for Apple to implement in the iPhone 12.

However, it's interesting if one of those concepts is the main one is the future iPhone 12, especially the Technizo Concept's overflowing screen idea.

Specifically, Youtube ConceptsiPhone channel recently uploaded the iPhone 12 concept video made by Technizo Concept, showing the idea of ​​the iPhone 12's completely new screen.

It's the edge-to-edge screen of the phone, just like Samsung's Galaxy concepts which allows users to use side panels for things like calendars, notifications, icons, and weather checking.

If this iPhone 12 concept is true in September then this would probably be the most popular iPhone model around the world because the curved edges are poured in an approach reminiscent of the iPhone 4.

Right now, iPhone 4 continues to be one of the most popular iPhone models in terms of design. When there have been so many calls for Apple to bring the design of square edges instead of rounded corners for the next generation models.

In addition, the iPhone 12 concept video shows a completely new feature of the hologram technology, which will be provided by a camera at the top of the screen. This is something Apple can really do at some point, though there's a very small chance this will happen in the next few years.

Currently, Apple just wants to stick with its typical steps, so it will not change too much about the next generation iPhone. It is expected that the upcoming 2020 iPhone generation will not have too many aesthetic changes, because the design of the iPhone may still not change much compared to the current product line.


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