Designers often come up with great ideas for users to visualize new features or improvements in the future of Windows. What Genrole Caspe - a UI / UX designer, has shown Microsoft how they need to completely redesign their operating system.

In his video, he gives a fairly simple concept of Windows 10 when redesigning the entire interface of the operating system. The Fluent Design language has been further enhanced by him and now the taskbar is divided into sections that are reasonably user-friendly.

Take for instance, the search box is separate and Cortana now has a new location in the lower right corner, a change that Microsoft is thought to be considering. The Start Menu has been redesigned and coherently designed by Genrole Caspe, which will surely be popular. You can take a look at the below embedded video.

If you watched the video, you can see that the widgets in the Start Menu can now be interacted directly with the user without having to open the application, which allows users to quickly manipulate the content. New.

In reality, however, it's likely that the boxes in the Start Menu interface will disappear at some point in the future, as Microsoft is said to be considering a new Start Menu interface similar to Windows 10X.

Simply because not many people use the Start Menu boxes, it seems that removing them will bring more consistency on future operating systems.

Those are the biggest changes that Genrole Caspe brings us to the future of Windows 10 interface, or maybe Windows 11. The designer said he is working with more updates to the Windows concept. 10 of his.


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