Jill Valentine can breathe easy. Capcom denied the information that Nemesis could enter "Safe Rooms" in Resident Evil 3.

 The villain would be the first in the history of the franchise to invade the safe place. But this will not be the case.

Also on Friday (06), the Official Xbox Magazine reported that if the protagonist was spotted by the monster and tried to take refuge in the shelter, the creature would be able to invade the place to chase her.

However, the media outlet made a mistake. The place the OXM writer ran to and was attacked was not a “Safe Room”. Despite containing a save point, the place was not exactly a stop for Jill to drink water and replenish her energy.

Because of the proportion that the information took, Capcom needed to explain itself to gamers around the world through an interview with GamesRadar. Now, the survivors on duty can breathe easy and sleep peacefully.


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