Just recently, Lady Gaga brings us a new new single “Stupid Love”, and she also shared that this MV is a trailer recorded entirely using iPhone 11 Pro. According to foreign media sources, Apple Youtube's official channel also uploaded the music video and confirmed that the video was recorded with iPhone 11 Pro.

It is reported that this MV video is directed by Daniel Askill , depicts a colorful and fascinating fight in the desert. The video picture is very sci-fi and thus, this new single is now available on Apple Music.

Aside Lady Gaga shooting her music video the iPhone 11 Pro, singer Selena Gomez also released her new album "Rare" in collaboration with Apple last year, with some clips recorded on the iPhone 11 Pro.

Simultaneously, Apple has also collaborated with FKA Twigs, Florence and the Machine and Kamali Washington to produce the "Shot on iPhone On Tour" series, which includes iPhone XS recording live concerts, etc .; "Orange" filmed with iPhone 5s also achieved great success It has been released by Mulan Pictures, and actor Mya Taylor has won the 2016 Film Independent Spirit Awards, becoming the first transgender actress to win a mainstream film award for best supporting actress.

According to MV director Daniel Askill, the three-camera system of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro allows them to create more shooting possibilities and freedom. He however, said that during the shooting of certain scenes, the compact size of the iPhone provided a lot of convenience.

Originally designed to shoot scenes on the stabilizer, but the photography guide will directly hold the iPhone to shoot, but also use several iPhones to shoot at the same time. This allows them to capture a variety of easy and interesting angles that are often not possible before.

In addition, Daniel Askill also revealed that the shooting method of the MV this time is mainly to place the iPhone 11 Pro on a professional stabilizer and drone, from the direct recording method of using the iPhone to shoot the visual sense to the realization of Shooting from a wider perspective.

This time shooting MV, they mainly switch between wide-angle lens and telephoto lens, and run two frame rates at the same time. Almost all the shots were 4K video shots, and one iPhone was shot at a frame rate of 24 fps, and a second iPhone was placed directly below the main iPhone for slow-motion shots at a frame rate of 48 fps. It is also stated that ordinary camera lenses cannot do this. You can take a seat back and watch the video below:



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