The Last of Us 2 is coming, and fans can't seem to contain their anxiety about the game's release. This, however, does not prevent some gamers from giving their little ways to live Ellie's journey of revenge. A cosplayer perfectly reproduced all the hatred felt by the protagonist.

Anna Kopel captured the essence of the character in an image that shows her on a work table staring at her weapons. The photo in question was inspired by one of the elements of the game already shown by Naughty Dog: Ellie customizing her equipment.

Also known as “Anocosplay” on Instagram , Anna published other images. The photos highlight Dina's bracelet and Ellie's tattoo. In addition, a bloody knife gives a heavier tone and shows that the protagonist is not kidding.

The Last of Us 2 fans are not sparing when it comes to paying homage to IP. An art that shows Ellie and Joel on a movie poster has already been published by Naughty Dog . In addition, a Dreams player made a demake of the game , as if developing it for PlayStation One.

News regarding the second title of the franchise has been scarce since its postponement was announced . It is known, however, that the game will be aimed at the adult audience , and will have “blood and gore, intense violence, nudity, sexual content, strong language and drug use”.

The Last of Us 2 will be released on May 29, 2020.


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