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2020 Best Offline Anime Games For Android:

2018 world best anime games
Over the recent few years, the Gaming industry has developed rapidly and touched the new horizons. Every other day hundreds of new games are available for Android users to enjoy and pastime.

However, we have compiled a list of the best games for anime lovers to play while sitting at home so as to keep them busy and occupied when feeling bored.

Download 6 Best Offline Anime Games For Android In 2020:

1.) Crashlands:
Best anime games to play in 2018: Crash Land
This game was included in this list because of its fantastic graphics and mesmerizing storyline. However, the game was released in 2016 based on a trucker that travels among galaxies but accidentally lands on an alien planet.

The task assigned is to understand what going on over there, secure yourself by creating a base and collect as many pick-up items as you can to finally save the world from an evil secret plan. RPG element is featured in the game for character development. The game contains tons of hours of content plus there are no in-app purchases.

2.) Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft:
Best anime games to play in 2018: Heartstone
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft was introduced on Google Play Store in 2014, the game scored one of the top positions because of its concept and characterization. Quite similar to Pokemon where you are supposed to collect cards, then create massive decks using those cards and have a fight with other players using those decks.

The game is mostly played online although some offline components are also available. cloud service is compatible with the game which allows users to play the game on PC and phones interchangeably. New updates and features are frequently added to the game to keep the users engaged.

3.) Minecraft:
Best anime games to play in 2018: Minecraft
Minecraft is played around the globe by people of all age groups. The concept of the game is based on a virtual giant world where you have lots of things to do whatever you want to like, explore stuff, build things, and fight with bad guys and similar things like that.

The game is provided with two modes namely, the survival mode where you have to find everything yourself for survival and the creative mode in which every resource is available to you in access. The game is equally competitive with its PC and console versions. An option for multiplayer server is available as well. There are in-app purchases in the game but there are just for user customization.

4.) Pokemon Go:
Pokemon Go: Best anime games to play in 2018
Last year in July 2016, Pokemon Go was launched and since then it gained a position in the list of best Android games. This game is some sort of a reality-based game where you go out to the real world, catch Pokemon, fight for the Gyms, and reach the Pokestops to restore your items stock.

This game is said to be a blockbuster record-breaking venture. The game is updated frequently and you get new Pokemon and new motion graphics etc.

5.) Riptide GP Renegade:
Best anime games to play in 2018: Riptide GP Renegade
This game is one of the best racer games available on Android Platform, the game is based on a character that got caught in an illegal street racing event and all his credentials are taken from him.

Some incredible features of this game include quality graphics, simple controls, and systems to boost your energy to gain an edge. The game is pay-once type so that you don’t get bothered by ads and in-app purchases.

6.) Rollercoaster Tycoon:
Rollercoaster tycoon: Best anime games to play in 2018
This game is one of the best simulation games and is a port from a very old classic PC game. In this game, you are supposed to build an amusement park, install different sorts of rides and rollercoaster, design shops and go through each and every possible way to bring people to your park, make people happy and bring money out of their pockets.

RollerCoaster Tycoon® Classic is a new RCT experience, combining the best features from two of the most successful and beloved RCT games in the series’ history – RollerCoaster Tycoon® and RollerCoaster Tycoon® 2.

Additional features for RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic is available via In-App Purchase, specifically the three expansion packs: Wacky Worlds, Time Twister and Toolkit. The expansion packs are the ONLY content that require an In-App Purchase and In-App Purchases are not used anywhere else in the game.

Play Best Offline Anime Games For Android 2020:

Games are the best way to kill time. Anime Games are there to take you into the world of your favourite Manga/Anime Series and thus play a vital role in enhancing your experience and never quenching love for your favourite series. Take a look at our listed games and tell us what you think about them.


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