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Hitman GO is a turn-based strategy game for smartphones released by Square Enix. Although the content still revolves around "super killer" with the nickname No. 47 in the Hitman series, but the gameplay is completely different, not in favor of secret action style but focusing on the challenging and somewhat The direction of a boardgame more.

In the game, you will control assassin 47 moves on the routes that the game set, overcome challenges and avoid the gaze from guards, professional dogs or police etc ... in each game screen to Complete the task of assassinating the previously specified target.

The key to the task you need to perform easily can be to take advantage of all the assassins' skills, from disguising, authoring, deceiving bodyguards, and using various types of assassins. sniper rifles or silverballers (the iconic weapon in Hitman) until sneaking, escaping and appearing to try to destroy the target as quickly as possible.

Features and features of the game include Experience the great assassination skills of Assassin 47; Intuitive graphics, beautiful images; Discover the secret passage; Disguise; Many iconic weapons in Hitman; Many challenges for you to overcome; The sound system creates suspense and thrill.


  • 5-star rating from Slide to Play
  • 4-star rating from Joystiq
  • SILVER AWARD voted by Pocket Gamer
  • 4-star rating from Polygon
  • 5-star rating from Pocket-lint
Currently, Square Enix developer is giving away Hitman Go for free on both App Store and Play Store. If you are a fan of the Tomb Raider series, or are adventurous, quickly download this game before the offer ends.



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