Apple has officially launched the iPhone SE 2020 with an almost identical design to the iPhone 8 that was launched earlier in 2017. Recently, a video of this device dissecting a device a closer look at the internal similarities between the two devices.

According to a video shared on an Instagram by Rico Cerva it shows a video opening the device with the iPhone 8. It can be seen that the inside of the device looks almost identical to the iPhone 8 and the biggest difference is the A13 Bionic processor and another module.

The video even shows that the iPhone 8 and iPhone SE components can be interchangeable, but not all parts, such as LCD hardware conversion, are still very good, but when converting the hard camera is not.

For more details, please watch the embedded video below and turn on the English subtitles because this video uses Chinese, if you understand this language, you may not need to turn on the subtitles:



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