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We spend most of our time in reading texts whether it is online or offline. The texts may be an articles, news, ebooks or any other form of documents.

Sometimes the intonation we read the text might make the words not to fall in place and when this problem occurs, you'll find out that what you're reading is meaningless or difficult to understand.

Definitely, it might consume a lot of time and effort in the process of reading the text properly.

This problem of reading texts to meaning is ubiquitous, it is no fault of anyone because it is a common problem and we must sort out this problem.

Since this problem is common to everyone, don't you think that there are many ways to solve this issue of reading text so as to fall in their correct and respectively intonations.

That's why, in this write-up, I'll be sharing with you the top 5 best free offline android apps to convert text to speech. Basically, the app "Text To Speech" is already a system application but sadly or unfortunately, it doesn't work without granting access to it.

To grant access to such system app, it demands a third party app. Personally, I've made some researches and find some few Google play store apps that are free apps to download.

However, these apps read texts aloud and makes the article understandable enough. For those that are having difficulties in reading English texts, these apps can be of help to you and also it can be a good means of learning some English words.

Download Best Text To Speech Apps For Android In 2020:


Clipo is one of the best offline app to convert text to speech, this app does many other works apart from text to speech.

With this app you can open link in browser, shorten links, create QR code, translate text, share to any social media or anywhere, edit text, delete text, archive, speak text aloud, add to contact (if you copied a mobile number), on map (if you copied a location) and the most important thing is that it allows you to export the text to file manager (save).

However, this app allows you to create tags (favorite, note, personal, work, etc or any other tag you wish to create.)

Also, this app has Search feature which provides you with the ability to search for a particular content. Click on archived to see some of the articles you saved earlier.

This app doesn't delete any text immediately when deleted, it move them to trash. Whereas you can still recover your deleted text when you mistakenly deleted them except when you click on trash and empty trash.

To know more about this app, visit the Google play store, Download it, use it and you'll understand better. This app also has Premium version for better user experience and to unlock more features

Prestigio eReader:

Prestigio eReader offers more than 1 000,000 books, including tens of thousands of free ones, such as the school literature program, in 25 languages.

EBooks are specially formatted files that can be read by our program. To understand what kinds of books you can read in the program, look at what file extension the book has (the characters after the dot).

Prestigio eReader supports the following eBook formats: Epub, mobi, pdf, html, and txt. You can also read and buy Adobe DRM encrypted books in our store.

However, Prestigio eReader have implemented the most desired functions to ensure your reading comfort and better user experience.
  • Completely redesigned application.
  • Cloud sync.
  • Ability to create a My Prestigio account using social networks.
  • Redesigned reading engines for all supported formats.
  • New payment methods to meet the demands and needs of all users.
  • A really cool function to automatically search for all books on the device.
  • Improved reading settings.
  • Additional book view for PDF format.
  • Import of folders with books.
  • Virtual import of folders.
Prestigio eReader also has a new, more functional properties and book management window to improve user experience.

If you long press on any book (in the file manager, store, search, etc.), you will see a menu listing its properties as well as the following additional book actions: add to favourites, make available for synchronization, buy, download, and share information about the book with your friends.

To find out more about this app, simply have it installed in your phone, launch and use it.

Clipboard Action:

Clipboard Action is also a genius free offline text to speech app which can help you to read text aloud. This app is not just to read text, it also does many work just as Clipo which includes the below.

Shorten link, Define (helps you to explain some difficult words), speak (click on play button to read out the copied texts), open link in browser, share, search (Google), currency converter, on map (which helps to find location, if you copied a name of a place), translate, scan QR code and the most of all is that you can perform all the above tasks through your notification panel.

Thus, by default, this app already have the necessary settings needed but if you're not satisfied with the settings it provided for you then you can check out the Settings and give it your preferred customization.

Voice Aloud Reader:

Voice Aloud Reader is also one of the unique tools which can convert text to speak, all you need do is Listen to the app read aloud or read on screen web pages, news articles, long emails.

However, this app supports many file extension like TXT, PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, OpenOffice document files, EPUB, MOBI, PRC, AZW and FB2 ebooks and more.

It's an HTML reader, document reader and ebook reader all in one, both for reading on-screen, or listening when your eyes hurt, malfunction or are busy elsewhere.

Also, it contains so many features just like Clipo, Clipboard Action and Prestigio eReader. Features like Click to share, Option to instantly read aloud text copied to clipboard.

Long-press word and/or select a longer phrase to view, speech correction for TTS, optionally using Regular Expressions (RegEx), Record spoken articles to sound files - WAV.

Easily add saved Pocket articles, Correctly handles Chinese and Japanese vertical text. Find out more by downloading this app on your device.

Talk-Text To Voice:

With Talk, your phone will speak what you type. Make your phone say anything you want in many languages! Let your phone read the news for you!

It supports importing web pages directly from the browser to listen to them, You can also import text from any other apps. However, it come with it's own features which includes:
  • Text to voice.
  • Read web pages.
  • Play / Pause / Stop.
  • Export audio as WAV file.
  • Lots of languages (internet connection required for some).
Free Text To Speech Apps 2020:
These are the top 5 best free offline Android apps to convert text to speech Which you can try and see the outcome. Hence, if you're not a good reader, these apps can definitely be of help and can guide you through.


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