Apple has just updated iOS 13.5 to users and in general, this is a pretty good version. However, after upgrading to iOS 13.5, many users noticed a lot of applications on the iPhone and iPad also unexpectedly updated.

For some reason, Apple seems to be reissuing recently released app updates, resulting in users having to reinstall the latest version of some apps.

According to The Verge, the number of unexpectedly updated applications ranges from under 20 to nearly 100, with updated versions from the beginning of this month. Of course, this number varies depending on the number of applications you have and the frequency of your updates.

The exact reason for this update is still unknown, but according to MacRumors, it could be related to an error affecting some users on iOS 13.5, when the user receives the message "The app is no longer shared with you."

A quick fix to get the app working again without losing settings and data is to go to Settings=> General=> iPhone Memory, then select Reinstall . Apple has yet to announce the cause of this error, but it may be related to application authentication.

It is possible that reissuing application updates is to fix this bug, but that's just a hypothesis. Whatever the problem may be, this update does not appear to affect any functionality of the application. Just update and continue using.


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