Please download the Apple Pride 2020 wallpaper set for your devices || Best iOS wallpapers 2020 || Download best wallpapers for iPhone in 2020 ||How To Download Wallpaper for iPhone, iPad and iWatch

For the LGBTQ community, Apple supports in a special way when it comes to releasing Apple Watch bands and watch faces every year. Very quickly, we have an inspirational wallpaper set of Apple products called Apple Pride 2020.

The following wallpapers are from Wallpapers Central and iDownloadBlog. These are also the two websites that download the most trusted wallpapers for their devices.

They're all inspired by the Apple Watch wallpaper on newly launched watchOS 6.2.5 and designed by author @ AR72014. Here I would like to quote the background image has been reduced in size.

For you to get a suitable wallpaper for your iOS device, I will guide you on how to download this super nice, high quality original wallpapers.

How To Download Amazing Wallpapers Specifically For Your iOS Device:

Like I said earlier, these wallpapers for gotten from Wallpaper Central and iDownloadBlog so if you're downloading through Wallpaper Central, you have to follow this procedure.

With Windows Central:

Even though there are only two wallpapers that support many other devices instead of just the iPhone, you can still get a suitable wallpaper for other iOS Devices from there.
  • First of all, visit these sites (Wallpaper 1 || Wallpaper 2)
  • The wallpaper name will appear, then scroll down and you will see the following four lines:
  • iPhone X to iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone 8/7/6
  • iPad
  • Apple Watch
  • Then, select the device in use and click on each link to download the image.

With iDownloadBlog:

These wallpapers are only supported for each iPhone, so this is a bit unfortunate if you're using any other device.
And that's all you need to do!



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