Instructions to simulate Nintendo 3DS on Android with the official Citra application || Download Citra to play Nintendo 3DS on Android || How can I play Nintendo 3DS on Android 2020 || How to set up Citra to play Nintendo 3DS on Android || Citra emulator settings for Android

Citra Emulator is a popular emulator on Windows PC, supporting users to play Nintendo 3DS games without having to own its hardware equipment. After a period of internal development and testing, the project development team has officially launched the Android version on the Play Store, which can be downloaded as early access.

Despite being released for free, the development team still provides all the basic features, helping users to best enjoy Nintendo 3DS games on their smartphones. This includes Amiibo, motion control, fine-tuning graphics (scaling resolution, texture filtering, etc.) that support microphones, cameras and support for a variety of discrete gamepads.

For the paid version (bundled with an expansion pack) worth 15 USD, the Citra emulator provides some additional advanced features such as changing the Light - Dark theme, additional texture filtering options.

According to information shared on the XDA-developers technology forum, Citra has been tested on many different Android devices (OnePlus 8 Pro, OPPO Find X2 Pro) and is capable of working quite well, especially with the device that is equipped with Snapdragon processor always stable at 60fps. In addition, the development team encourages users to use the Snapdragon 835 chip or higher, although performance will also depend heavily on the device's GPU driver.

Generally, devices equipped with Snapdragon processor will be better compatible with this emulator than devices using Exynos or Kirin chips. The software version supports at least Android 8.0, OpenGL ES 3.2 and you may encounter some graphical errors during use.

Note that the Citra Android emulator does not include any copyrighted games or system files. This app is also not affiliated, authorized, endorsed or in any way officially connected to Nintendo. You can download the game through some websites, note that the game for Citra needs to be Decrypted. However, you can download Citra emulator for Android here.

The game file has the format .3ds, after downloading and extracting, you put the game in a folder on the smartphone, then click on the folder image and select the file that has been put into the device. In the settings, you can adjust some functions for a better picture so as to make it play smoothly. Leave the General settings to remain the same, Graphics is the item to pay attention in the settings.
  • Internal resolution: This section allows to increase the resolution of the game, with machines with QHD screens, the enhancement will be sharper, but of course it will be very heavy, so you should leave 1x level and increase it gradually if See the machine meet.
  • Enable linear filtering: This section also helps to make game graphics smoother and you can leave it alone.
  • Enable asynchronous GPU emulation: Increase performance, recommended to.
  • Enable accurate shader multiplication: Enabling it will fix some visual errors, but it will make the computer heavy, so developers should turn it off.

As mentioned above, Citra is optimized for Snapdragon, so if you play on other chips, the experience might be worse. For example, I use the Exynos 9820 chip on the S10 when the game is very laggy, the fluctuations in fps are unstable, with light games can still be played but heavy games like Pokémon are only about 10fps when playing.

However, with a device with a powerful Snapdragon chip, the game experience is quite good, as you see in the video below, even the Redmi Note 5 Pro with Snapdragon 636 can play Pokemon Sun at an average of 30 fps ( This clip I refer and can not verify):

According to many users, Citra is very stable, so if you are using a device with Snapdragon chip and like 3DS games, you can try it right away.


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