Call of Duty: Modern Warfare recently received a heavy update. The 30GB content added news for Warzone, in addition to promoting general changes in some elements of the FPS.

The size of the entire game already exceeds 200 GB and generated complaints from users, which made Infinity Ward explain itself.

In an interview with US Gamer, the studio's production director, Paul Haile, was asked if the team was aware of the constantly growing game file. In response, he said that the company is taking steps to manage this problem.
Modern Warfare and Warzone are gigantic experiences with several ways to be played and with new content being added regularly and we are aware of the file size. As a team, we are committed to updating the game with free content, but we are also taking care of management, including with a DLC pack for console users. This will make players choose which DLCs they want to keep and remove to reclaim space.

Currently, fans are able to uninstall the main campaign and Spec Ops. Despite this freeing up a good amount of space, the constant updates eventually fill the HD again.


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