The iPhone 12 broke the news. Everyone read it too much, maybe some people are tired of it. Today I will give you a different taste and go directly to the iPhone 13 material.

At present, it can basically be confirmed that the appearance design of the iPhone 12 series will not change much, so if you want to see the new design, you can only look through next year.

However, the latest news shows that next year's iPhone 13 (tentative name) flagship version will use a non-interface design, that is, the body is completely free of openings!

According to Twitter sources Fudge, it is expected that the iPhone 12 series that'll be released this fall will still retain the lightning interface, and many users expect the USB-C interface will not come.

Meanwhile, we have some good news for you. The flagship iPhone 13 released next year will use smart connectors, so the fuselage does not have any interfaces at all. In this way, the wireless charging function of the machine will completely replace the existing wired charging, which means that Apple can create an excellent wireless charging experience on the iPhone 13 series.

Compared with the exciting iPhone 13 news, this year's iPhone 12 series is really just a "small fix", for example, the screen bangs area becomes smaller, the body line is tough and so on. If you really expect a disruptive design, you may wish to wait for the next iPhone 13 flagship version, provided that your budget is sufficient.


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