The situation of Corona virus in the US is still very complicated, causing many projects and programs to be postponed. When photo or video production was halted, companies were forced to think of other ways to get the product they intended. Recently, reality TV shows and American Idol music competition had to use this method.

Accordingly, PetaPixel newspaper quoted from TechCrunch newspaper and thus, said the American Idol program has sent each judge and contestants each piece of equipment including 3 iPhone 11 Pro models, searchlights and tripod.

The iPhone 11 Pro models are set up with 4K / 60fps which is used to record both the singers 'performances as well as the judges' live response.

The program production team is also in its own home, directing judges and contestants on camera angles and editing the scenes into a more perfect program.

With these devices and arrangements, the American Idol program continues as usual as planned with the winner next week.

"We know that people are relying on their favorite shows at home and we are happy to join that process with our American Idol team ," Apple told TechCrunch. . "The iPhone provides a unique solution to deliver broadcast quality video in the palm of your hand, while keeping production staff and broadcast talent safe and in their homes."

Other TV shows have also moved to iPhones to maintain everything, including Conan O'Brien's late night show and Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show.

The American Idol program is broadcast on various channels such as the US FOX channel as well as some other countries such as England, New Zealand. Vietnam and some Asian countries can watch American Idol on Star World.


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