The development of smartphones today has stabilized in appearance design. However, the emergence of folding screens has allowed us to see the infinite possibilities of smartphones.

In addition to the flexible screen + hinge method, dual-screen folding is also a relatively common way today, and the most representative one is the Surface Duo launched by Microsoft.

At present, some netizens have found that Microsoft is already recruiting developers of the Surface Duo series. Looking back at the first generation of Surface Duo products, there are actually many imperfections. For example, single camera, 5G is not supported, and the design is somewhat conservative.

Recently, a German designer released the rendering video of Surface Duo 2. It can be seen that the machine uses a small screen on the outside for displaying notifications and other information.

The redesigned hinge is matched with two screens with a higher screen ratio, and the dual camera and flash on the back are added.


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