One of the features of the PS5 that is creating more hype in the gaming community is the SSD. Technology gives us something to talk about and was once again on the agenda at Sony's last corporate meeting. According to the Japanese company, the "Solid State Drive" of the new console will be so fast that it will make the system work 100x faster than the PS4.

On page 17 of the document published by the company, a little more is explained about what the SSD is capable of doing. In addition to practically extinguishing the loading screens, it is highlighted that the technology will have gigantic potential compared to the hardware of the current generation.
  • To improve the sense of immersion in games, we hope to improve not only the resolution of the PS5, but the speed of the games.
  • For example, thanks to the high speed SSD, we plan to perform data processing for games 100x faster than that of the PS4.
  • Game loading times should be much shorter and players will be able to move around the worlds in an instant.

The SSD is part of a whole. With a processor more capable of making more calculations for an instant of time, it is necessary that the data be accessed in a very fast way, otherwise there would be a bottleneck in the system. And this is the “special seasoning” promised by Sony. The storage unit will be able to deliver what the chip needs faster. There are only expectations to see, in practice, so many compliments materialize.

However, Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games praised the ability of the PS5 as he recently said that the PlayStation 5's 825 GB SSD is the best of all platforms. He also claims that technology “is way ahead” of any found on today's best PCs.

Of course, the PS5 has a launch window scheduled towards the end of 2020.


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