You may not notice it, but Android has a default limit for video size of 4GB. In Android 11, this limit is gradually being removed.

Today, there are many phones that support 4K video recording and this resolution will quickly take up space, with only 15 minutes of 4K30fps video exceeding the 4GB limit on Android.

You might think that this doesn't matter because 64-bit file system can handle file sizes up to 16TB. However, an old 32-bit Android API still limited its size to 4GB, which forced higher-capacity videos to split into multiple files.

According to test by AndroidPolice, in the first beta of Android 11, the size restriction of the video was finally removed, but unfortunately only supported on a few applications and even Google Camera is not is one of the supported applications.

Another well-known application, Open Camera, is supported. For those who plan to shoot long and high-volume content, it's worth considering this option.

Currently, there may be other applications that allow you to save large files, but Open Camera is the first application discovered.

It is possible that Open Camera may be using the mpeg4write API. Meanwhile, applications like Google Camera and Filmic Pro are using different APIs that still have the same size limits, or are still deploying customizations to encrypt and write files.

Regardless of the reason, Android doesn't seem to be keeping the 4GB video recording limit anymore. Since Beta 1 has only been released for a few days, it may take some time for app developers to release an update that addresses this issue.


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