Microsoft recently started pushing Microsoft Edge Chromium into the recommended option every time someone searches for Chrome browser on Windows 10, and now the Google search giant is using a similar approach for their browser.

In other words, Google is currently trying to convince Edge users to try Google Chrome through its services.

More specifically, TechDows has noticed that when you sign in to your Google account with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10, Google sends a regular login notification on Gmail to alert users about new login information. But in addition to the warning message, Google also has a small surprise.

“Make the most of Windows 10 with Chrome browser. Chrome is a fast, simple and secure browser, built for modern websites, ”an accompanying Google notice. In the past, Google has also called Edge users to switch to Chrome when they access Google services on the Edge browser.

It is clear that Google is targeting Microsoft Edge users with this announcement, as Microsoft has moved Edge to the Chromium platform and is being used by many people.

The move to Chromium allows Microsoft to turn Edge into a cross-platform browser, so in addition to Windows 10, the new version is also available to users on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and even macOS. Furthermore, Microsoft is also working on a Linux version of Microsoft Edge, but there is no release date yet.

Whether or not Google will convince Edge users to switch to Chrome again, or if Microsoft can make users quit Chrome, is still to be seen. But for now, Google Chrome holds most of the browser market share, with the market share currently at nearly 70%, and Edge still far behind, at only about 7%.


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