Huawei's new patent exposure Mate40 series is expected to debut to make taking photos easier

On last year’s Mate30 Pro and its 5G version, Huawei used the waterfall screen feature of this phone to change the volume key to a virtual key and integrate it on the screen.

A few days ago, another Huawei patent was exposed online. This time the camera shutter button is integrated into the screen, allowing you to capture some scenes that are not easy to reproduce in time.

According to the patented design and renderings announced this time, Huawei integrated filters, white balance and other parameters and the shutter button at the edge of the screen, aiming to make it easier to operate the phone when taking pictures and improve the visibility of the operation. Moreover, the functions in the patent are likely to appear on the Mate40 series.

But it is worth noting that the mobile phones in the patent and the renderings use a waterfall-like design, but this does not mean that the function cannot appear on mobile phones with other designs.

More is used to present the functions in the patent. Moreover, it is not enough to show that Huawei Mate 40 series will follow the waterfall screen design similar to Mate30 series.


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