iOS 14 adds call recording function but only for internal testing of engineers

It has been rumored that iOS 14 will support the call recording function. 9to5Mac recently reported that comparing with the earlier version of iOS 14 previously obtained, it is found that the call recording function does exist.

However, according to the narrative text in the screenshot, after enabling the call recording function, you further agree not to lend the device to others for use, and the information learned from  engineers that this function does exist, but only for Apple's internal testing is very unlikely to be released to the public.

It is understood that the iOS system provided by Apple for testing is very different from the version used by users in mobile phones. The test version is provided with many functions that have never been announced, in order to allow engineers to simulate various usage scenarios and compare the results obtained when different functions are activated.

  In addition to that, Google has already started testing a similar feature for Android phones, which has been integrated into the Google Phone app. As early as April, some  users in India woke up and found that their phones had the ability to record phone conversations. Hence, it reads: "You can use the Phone app to record calls and listen to saved recordings. Only certain devices and operators support this feature. Not all countries and regions can use phone recording."

When Android users start recording, the other party on the call will hear a message on the phone telling him/her that she is recording. When the recording stops, the other party will hear a statement that the recording has ended. So far, this feature has not been officially released.

And now, the question is… Will iOS 14 change drastically? Will call recording be added again? It is expected to be announced at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). In addition, operating systems including iPadOS 14, tvOS 14, watchOS 7, and macOS 10.16 are also expected to be released.


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