This feature is designed to assist users with hearing disabilities to avoid dangerous situations or handle emergencies.

Few days back, Apple officially introduced the version of iOS 14 operating system at the first WWDC 2020 Conference held entirely online. Besides the outstanding new features, there are many other small features that are not directly mentioned by Apple but are very useful, including the feature of audio recognition.

However, this was firstly discovered by a Reddit user, this disability support feature is a great help for people with hearing loss or who unfortunately have hearing loss.

Accordingly, the iPhone can be set to continually "listen" and check whether one of the 14 preset sounds resounding, including: knocking on the door, the doorbell, the siren, fire alarms (smoke detectors), dogs barking, children crying and a few other sounds. This feature can be enabled in the Accessibility section of iOS 14's Settings menu.

A number of other technology companies, including Amazon and Google, also develop audio recognition systems based on artificial intelligence as a preventive measure and ensure human safety.

However, you can set Amazon's Echo speaker to detect alarm bells or broken glass sounds (part of Amazon's Alexa Guard home security system). Google also uses the microphones of Pixel phones to detect car accidents.

At the moment, it seems that Apple is only focusing on developing audio recognition technology to serve the daily activities of people with disabilities; and the company also advises people not to rely solely on the iPhone for their own safety.

The feature setting screen states: "You should not rely on audio recognition technology in situations where you may be injured or injured, in dangerous or emergency situations, or for directional."

Although this feature is currently only available on iOS, in the future, Apple may extend it to the HomePod speaker, a smart speaker that always "sits" at home will be more useful.

A number of artificial intelligence startups, including Sensory AI, also provide sound detection technology, developed to enhance home security. It is important to recall that Apple identifies this feature as being solely for people with disabilities. However, if it works, the company might consider turning it into a home security feature.


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