A concept artist imagined the prospect of Apple making a slide iPhone, not a foldable iPhone as we thought. That's right, the iPhone Slide Pro you'll see in the video below features a second touch screen hidden directly below the home screen:

This less than 2 minute video does not show us many potential uses of the sliding screen but only encapsulates the function of making the app launch screen second next to the home screen.

However, in theory, you can use it the same way that the Slide Over app still works on iPad; For example, checking your email without leaving the website is displayed on the main screen. Hence, in a classic style. The touch screen will turn into a keyboard, just like the sliding keyboard phones of old HTC.

While touchscreens are now attracting a lot of attention, the sliding screens also have their own fans. TCL even launched a prototype device with a sliding screen.

Other Features Of The iPhone Slide Pro Concept:

The interesting iOS device we are talking about here has a screen that rolls around the sides of the body. As a result, the display area will be larger, there will be more space for more application icons, and the screen on the side of this machine can take on the role of two dock bars always displayed in any situation.

If true, the iPhone Slide Pro will include a triple-lens camera cluster and a LiDAR 3D sensor. In fact, this camera cluster is something many analysts predict will appear on the iPhone 12 that will be launched this fall.

But the rest of the design is likely to be for reference only. Over the years, Apple has filed numerous patents related to a foldable iPhone. And the sad thing is, they didn't show any interest in sliding screen devices.


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