When using smartphones, we often wary of utilities that enhance security, scan junk files, remove viruses, or prevent bad guys from exploiting personal dat ... However, that is completely in contrast to iVerify from developer Trail of Bits, the security application is currently being encouraged by many users despite having to buy for $3 on the App Store.

According to share from Adrian Kingsley-Hughes (a technology author on ZDnet), the iVerify app is a great security scanner for iPhone that helps ensure that your device is working smoothly. It works best with basic security features like Face / Touch ID, Screen Lock and is running the latest iOS version, and it also integrates a deep scan into the system to look for abnormalities in the system. security and alert you if something goes wrong.

The app also provides you with a comprehensive list of tweaks and changes you can make to keep your device safe. Although many of these settings may be overkill for the average user, for users who are in the "everything on the iPhone" category or focus on security, that's completely opposite.

There is also a host of other interesting content, from information about securing your Apple, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter accounts, information about enabling DNS over HTTPS, a startup prompt. Back to a recurring schedule (a simple way to protect you from remote data mining), the list of some sites offers the latest security news.

If you are interested and want to try iVerify on iPhone, you can buy this app for $ 2.99 on the App Store. Given the high security rating on iOS devices, it can be difficult to detect if an iPhone has been hacked, so installing a tool helps track the signs of unauthorized intrusion. Like iVerify will certainly be very helpful.

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