M ost of us know that a big problem with Windows 10 when it comes to design is consistency. Windows 10 was announced in 2015 and nearly five years later, the company began researching a new interface for the operating system, starting with a nicer interface for the Start Menu.

The new Start Menu is expected to appear next year, there will be Live Tiles with a background that matches the light or dark theme you are using.

While Live Tiles is still being retained, Microsoft is planning to change Live Tiles from the original idea introduced in Windows 10.

In the screenshot below, Microsoft demonstrated the Windows 10 Start Menu with the Live feature. Tiles is off.

Currently, if you turn off the Live Tiles in the Start Menu, the apps will display very messy color blocks, but the new interface is more uniform.

In the Start Menu upgrade, Live Tiles seem to merge with the background. The upgraded Start Menu also provides better support for light and dark modes throughout the system. There is still a list of recent apps on the left side of the Start Menu, but there are many adjustments to the user interface.

For example, the app icon will appear next to an app name instead of in blocks or squares in the new Start Menu upgrade. However, the image above was shared by Microsoft 365 on Facebook, but it is not known when Microsoft will officially release this update.


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