The Razer keyboard is one of the favorite series of peripheral enthusiasts, and one of its most outstanding places is the RGB lighting effect. A few days ago, a new member of the Razer keyboard family, using Razer light mechanical technology and thus, it is the Razer Rainforest Tarantula V2. At present, the keyboard has been released and put on the shelf and it's priced at 699 yuan.

In the Razer keyboard classification, the Rainforest Tarantula V2 is a light mechanical keyboard, which uses Razer light mechanical technology. This technology combines the quick feedback of the mechanical shaft with the soft feel of the traditional keyboard, and the user responds very quickly while being comfortable with tapping.

In addition, the keyboard uses a medium-height keycap, with shorter finger strokes, and the surface of the keycap is treated with atomized frosting to make it feel comfortable. The Rainforest Tarantula V2 has a magnetically adsorbable leather-touch wrist rest, which is ergonomically designed for user comfort.

The upper right of the Thunder Snake Tarantula V2 is equipped with a multimedia control key area, with multimedia buttons and digital dials. Through Thundercloud 3 to adjust key operation commands, you can adjust the progress of audio and video, screen brightness, volume, etc.

Additionally, the keyboard is also designed with a wire groove, which can accommodate the cables neatly and lead out from any direction, so that the Rainforest Tarantula V2 looks very simple and beautiful when placed on the desktop.

In terms of RGB lighting effects, the Thunder Snake Tarantula V2 supports the RAZER CHROMA RGB Symphony of Lights, with nearly 16.8 million colors. With the Symphony Visualization tool, the lights can move with the music. In addition, the keyboard RGB lighting effect can be linked with multiple games.


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