It is rumored that the iPhone 13 and iPad will adopt the Type-C interface from next year

In February of this year, the European Union passed legislation to promote the unification of smartphone interfaces, known as Type-C interfaces.

The unified USB-C interface can not only improve convenience, but also reduce the generation of electronic waste. This also means that iPhones and iPads that use the Lightning interface may also be replaced with Type-C interfaces.

According to foreign media reports, Apple will adjust the interface of the new iPhone (tentatively called iPhone 13) and iPad from 2021, so that these devices use the USB-C interface to ensure higher compatibility.

Earlier, Japanese media reported that Apple's fourth-generation iPad Air will be equipped with a Type-C interface to replace the Lightning interface. Apple first used the USB-C interface on the iPad Pro that was released in 2018, but other models of iPad still use the Lightning interface.

Some analysts said that for Apple, switching from Lightning interface to Type-C interface is not the ultimate choice. Apple's ultimate goal is to truly achieve no interface, that is, no longer retain the iPhone's charging interface, replaced by wireless charging in the true sense.

For Apple, after switching to the Type-C interface, the previous Lightning interface data line product line will be substantially canceled, which means that the relevant patent licensing fees will be lost, and Apple will directly lose tens of billions of dollars in accessory profits every year.


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