Samsung The Serif: Not only is the TV, but also the perfect furniture for any style of design

When building your own home, owners will always have real art ideas to assert their own style for their apartment. Choosing furniture will therefore be quite complicated to fit the design idea. However, Samsung's The Serif TV has never been out of place in any space.


The living room is often the place to show the personality and style of the house owner. To get a satisfied living room, the owner must refer to a lot of different design trends, from modern trends, classic style, to seemingly small details such as the layout of the lights. or paint codes which are very important. Each of the accompanying furnishings is also carefully selected to honor the homeowner.

TV is an item that seems indispensable in the living room, helps complete the interior of the room and is also the gathering place of the whole family. Therefore, the design of a TV also becomes important because if the design is not suitable, it is easy to destroy the whole house that the owner has arranged. With The Serif - a new TV model Samsung recently launched, this problem will become extremely easy.

The talented designers from France - Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec are the duo creating the perfect design of The Serif. Having a massive design career with a series of awards recognized by reputable professionals, two 7X generation designers master the rules of interior design and follow closely the modern design trends. The two men said The Serif has the ability to "blend in with the contemporary design styles in a completely natural way".

The difference of The Serif comes from the 360-degree design of the "I", this design helps users to easily arrange The Serif. This TV can be placed in any position, whether there is a TV shelf or placed in the corner.

The Serif's manifesto is very simple, "Beautiful in every space." The product has an elegant and sophisticated design that attracts the gaze whether placed in any space scene with minimalism, luxurious style (luxury) or Scandinavian style (Northern Europe), The Serif 2020 is still a perfect interior, in harmony with the overall design.
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Not only it is a beautiful TV, helping to honor the living space of its owner, The Serif is also a TV that brings great visual experience to users. Possessing the ability to play 4K images with Quantum Dot technology, billions of colors are extremely true, The Serif really satisfies viewers in any angle.

Another additional point of the TV's ability to broadcast is the ability to optimize the display in all ambient light conditions, basically, whether the light conditions outside, or the light in the room is not near. may affect the user's visual experience.

As a TV following the modern design trend, The Serif also carries on itself many advanced features to serve the needs of users. Thanks to the NFC feature (i.e. Near-Field Communications or Near Field Communication Technology), users can simply connect their phone to the TV to view photos and videos on The Serif screen.

In Ambient Mode, users can "turn the TV" into a unique picture, adorn their living space. Samsung actively offers many different topics, from natural scenes like mountains, forests, sea and a lot more, until the photos take a modern look suitable for any living space.

The Serif becomes even more complete when its products are environmentally friendly. The packaging of this TV is selected and designed so that users can create, reuse for many different purposes.
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In the context of content 4K increasingly booming, The Serif not worthy to invest in the "view" and meet the demand for pure entertainment, but also meet the "look" with unique design unique, help honor the living space of users. In addition, the series of modern technologies added to The Serif also clearly show the careful care of Samsung for the product, ensuring the harmony of quality and design, thereby bringing a satisfactory highest satisfaction for users.
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