Sony Unexpectedly Revealed PS5 Price A Day Before The Official Launch || How Much Will PS5 Cost || PS5 Price In UK

Previously, PlayStation officially announced that it will hold a PS5 online press conference at 4 a.m. Beijing time on June 12, at which time it will introduce the PS5 game lineup, which will last more than 1 hour.

Today, June 11, some netizens broke the news that Amazon UK listed the test page of this product and thus, has a price tag of  599.99 pounds. However, some people familiar with the matter said that this may be just a smoke bomb, which is the price that Amazon casually fills in.

At present, the official has not disclosed the configuration of this new product, but Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan wrote in the invitation letter of the press conference: "You will play these games after the PlayStation 5 is released at the end of the year. The PS5 platform is about to land. These games are top-notch works in the industry, and they come from creative studios all over the world." Presumably, the new products and many refined games will attract a large number of fans to buy.

In other respects, the appearance of the Sony PS5 controller has also been exposed online. The controller uses a new black and white color scheme. The position of the light bar is designed on both sides of the touchpad, which looks very high.

In addition to changes in appearance, this new controller also has many new features, such as a new haptic feedback and adaptive trigger, which can provide gamers with a convenient operating experience. Sony PS5's handle also uses a built-in microphone design, allowing players to communicate by voice anytime, anywhere.

It is worth noting that the Sony PS5 product page that appeared on the Amazon UK website has now been deleted.


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