Apple filed a patent that could connect two iPads to each other, forming a notebook computer

According to a newly discovered patent, Apple has discovered a way to connect two iPads together, forming a notebook computer, through a special accessory.

This patent is titled "Multi-module display electronics" and has just been filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office. This patent describes that, when using two iPads or iPhones connected together through an accessory, one of them will be used as a monitor, while the other will become a dynamic keyboard.

The connecting accessory will consist of 2 small connectors and a folding hinge, with mobile devices mounted mechanically on either side. The connectors will make it easier to transfer data between the two devices so they can function as a single system.

The images included in the patent mostly suggest that this accessory will provide a notebook-like setup, with a device lying flat on the surface, and the connection port at the rear hinge will help. Attach the second device, vertically or horizontally.

Using a second screen as a dynamic keyboard provides a number of unique solutions, such as providing the ability to change functions based on user needs, similar to the Touch Bar on MacBook pro. However, depth and haptic feedback - things that are inherently physical properties of keyboards - are definitely not.

Besides the notebook-style setup, this patent also shows that the two devices can be mounted along their longest edges, forming a book shape. This setting is quite similar to the layout of Microsoft Surface Duo.

Dual-screen devices are often the subject of many Apple patents, such as the "Multi-Device System" patent, describing how two or more devices can function as one. placed near each other via proximity sensors.

Although Apple regularly registers patents and many of them will never become a reality, they show us how much insight Apple has on the areas of research and development. in.


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