There have been a lot of rumors surrounding Apple working on a new AR glass called Apple Glass. Although this AR glass has not been confirmed by Apple, but in recent times, a lot of leaked information has been shared on the internet.

However, at the present time, we still can not imagine the design, structure, features and how Apple Glass works. Recently, on Hacker 34 have posted video showing the idea of ​​what Apple Glass will look like, how it works, and above all its user interface.

The video starts when Apple Glass starts up connecting to the iPhone, similar to how AirPods connect. Next, the Hacker 34 immediately moved to an analysis of possible components in Apple Glass such as screens, LiDAR sensors (like you see on the iPad Pro 2020 and potentially the upcoming iPhone 12), New G-series chipset and more.

The video also mentions rOS instead of glassOS, which was previously leaked as the name of the operating system on Apple Glass. Accordingly, users will only need to use gestures such as hand swipe to switch between content tabs.

Apple Glass will also have icons and widgets just like iOS 14, the smooth interface that is simple and easy to use. In addition, rOS also has a Dark Mode, which helps Apple Glass users see clearly without any distractions when used in high-light environments.

Hacker 34 also introduced the use of Apple Maps and Find My iPhone on Apple Glass, users simply need to ask Siri to locate the iPhone and Apple Glass will automatically guide users to the iPhone's location via Apple Maps.

Apple Maps will display arrows in the field of view, which will make it easier to find lost iPhones. Readers can see the details of the Apple Glass Concept video produced by the Hacker 34 below.

The video produced by Youtube the Hacker 34 has combined all the leaked information about Apple Glass in recent weeks. Please note that there is no definitive or official evidence from Apple confirming any information about Apple Glass, so if Apple's new AR glasses actually come out, it could be very different from the video of the Hacker 34. Apple Glass is said to cost $499 and will likely launch from 2021 or possibly 2022.


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