A reputable analyst said that the price of the iPhone 12 will be $50 higher than the old iPhone generation even without the EarPods or charger included with the box.

Although there have been many rumors pointed out, Apple will not offer earphones or chargers on the iPhone 12 series this year. However, according to a well-known analyst, iPhone prices will even increase slightly by $50 compared to the iPhone 11 series.

In a revelation to MacRumors , analyst Jeff Pu predicted that the price of iPhone 12 will be from 749 USD for the 5.4 inch model, compared to 699 USD of iPhone 11. This analyst said that the price increase is mainly due to the iPhone 12 line equipped with full-screen OLED and 5G network support. In contrast, the lowest model of iPhone 11 series still uses LCD.

Jeff Pu believes that the price of the iPhone 12 will increase by $50 because the 5G network is temporarily acceptable to a large number of users. However, if Apple really removes the charger and headset bundled with the device, it will be a controversial decision and upset the huge user community.

If based on Pu's prediction, the starting price of iPhone 12 model (6.1 inch) will be from 799 USD or 849 USD. So those who want to own an iPhone model similar to the iPhone 11 will have to pay a larger price from $100-150. In other words, the starting price of the Pro and Pro Max models can be from $999 and $1,099.

However, Pu's prediction is quite contradictory with previous rumors by leaker Jon Prosser who shared the starting price of the iPhone 12 line from $649.


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