Microsoft Windows 10 new smooth design "Start" menu released, Dev preview version early adopters

Microsoft pushed the latest Windows 10 Dev preview version Build 20161 system update. In this version, Microsoft brought a series of new features, including a new smooth design start menu and thus, this feature Pushing gradually.

Microsoft says it is refreshing the Start menu with a more simplified design that removes the solid-color backplane behind the logo in the application list and uses a uniform, partially transparent background in the tile.

This design creates a beautiful stage for your applications, especially the Fluent Design icons for Office and Microsoft Edge, as well as redesigned icons for built-in applications (such as calculator, mail, and calendar) that were launched earlier this year.

AndroBliz noticed that this exquisite "Start menu" design looks great in both dark and light themes, but if you are looking for better colors, first make sure that the Windows dark theme is enabled, and then Under "Settings" => "Personalization" => "Colors", select the "Display theme colors in the following areas" option. Check "Start menu, taskbar, operation center" to apply your accent colors to the "Start" frame and Tile on.



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