Samsung announced 6G network orientation and vision at 1000 Gbps, hologram, VR 16K, etc...

Since the 5G network was officially launched and is now gradually deployed in countries, it has changed a lot in people's work, study and entertainment. Despite not fully exploring the potential of 5G networks, recently, people have started preparing for a new generation of connectivity - the 6G network.

Accordingly, in the morning of July 14 Samsung released a white paper titled, “The Next Hyperlink Experience for All”, to outline the company's vision of next generation connectivity system which is the 6G network.

However, the whitepaper covers various aspects related to 6G, including technical and social trends, new services, requirements, candidate technology and standardized estimated time.

Samsung also predicts that we can see a new standard launch quickly before the end of this decade. This is intended to accommodate the gap between 4G and 5G.

"For 6G, we hope ITU-R will begin their work to define 6G vision by 2021 ," Samsung said." Taking into account the trend of accelerating the development of technical standards for each new generation, we hope that the completion of the 6G standard and commercialization can occur as early as the beginning of 2028, while large commercialization could occur around 2030."

Samsung says speed, latency, and reliability are all set to see improvement by switching from 5G to 6G: "While 5G is designed to reach a maximum data rate of 20Gbps, the 6G network is, we aim to provide the highest data rate of 1000 Gbps and the user data rate of 1Gbps," Samsung explained.

Samsung also made a number of use cases for the technology, with for the first time the truly immersive XR (AR / VR / mixed reality) genre. The company says that AR transmission to the 8K display currently needs 55.3 Mbps and confirms that a speed requirement of 0.44 Gbps is required. In addition, 16K streaming for VR requires a 0.9 Gbps line speed and current 5G connections can provide this speed.

Two other uses for the 6G network proposed by Samsung include holograms with high fidelity and Digital Replica / Digital Twin technology to copy people, devices, locations, etc. On the other hand, a hologram with high fidelity of humans requires a few Tbps, the company explains.

Samsung also suggested that the 6G network could be built with AI capabilities, saying that with AI it is possible to reduce power consumption, predict and troubleshoot network problems and improve handover.

However, it's clear that the 6G network is still a long way off, but Samsung is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to technology research companies. Ericsson, Huawei and Xiaomi are just a few of the other companies that are also researching 6G network connectivity.

Currently, 5G network connection is still limited in both transmitters as well as terminals with poor broadcasting capacity, the device easily gets hot and drains the battery, the price is still high, .... Moreover, connectivity 5G networks are currently a transition from 4G connectivity when using 4G SIM cards can still connect to 5G, while " real 5G" is completely unavailable.

Anyway, at the current pace of scientific development, the problems of 5G networks will soon be solved and in the near future, we will see 5G networks everywhere and prepare to wait. The connection is faster and more powerful, which is the 6G network.

Samsung's 6G network vision and vision white paper also includes a lot of other details, including technical information. To learn more about this information, please visit Samsung Research


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