According to The Verge, Sony has increased PS5 production by 50% more than original plann. The company had expected to sell about 6 million units only in 2020, but Nikkei recently said that the number was increased to 9 million, while Blommberg confirmed up to 10 million units. No matter which number is correct, these are all optimistic signals for the PS5 launch later this year.

Accordingly, the complex epidemic situation of COVID-19 makes more people to stay at home, limiting to the street and going to public places. This context drives the demand for entertainment higher than ever. Assuming that Sony actually sold between 9-10 million units in the last months of 2020, it will be a new milestone compared to its predecessor.

The PS4 console launched in 2013 sold just 4.2 million units in the same period. Although a series of blockbuster games came out later, the number of machines increased rapidly.

With 9 million units sold, PS5 is considered to have twice the sales speed of the PS4, if this goal becomes a reality. Also according to Blommberg sources, the disease has created a great opportunity for PS5, but it is also another challenge.

Sony's supply chain has been affected significantly because the disease has not been controlled in many places. They may not be able to meet the 10 million target if parts of the device fail.

In addition, Sony is said to also increase the order of new DualSense controllers, to more than 10 million units. But whether they can deliver to the shelves full of this or not, no one is sure.

Sony's optimism is completely grounded. According to Digital Trends , Microsoft was very happy to say that the Xbox Live service grew by 130% over the same period. Epic Games also revealed that their Fortnite game has just gained 3.2 billion hours of play time in April.

For hardware, statistics from the NDP Group say that gaming console spending in the US last May reached $ 235 million, up 56% and causing Nintendo Switch to sell out everywhere.


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