Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Out here for download. The long-awaited season 9 brings quite a lot of new features, enhancements, and game modes..CoD Mobile Season 9 is finally here.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Out here for download. The long-awaited season 9 brings quite a lot of new features, enhancements, and game modes. Here's a brief round-up.CoD Mobile Season 9 is finally here. The most recent update brings new content, modes, bug fixes, and enhancements among others. The CoD Mobile Season 9 update is out there to both Android and iOS users.

How to Get Season 9?

The latest season is available via an update on Google Play Store (for Android). The update is over 1GB in size, subsequently, we recommend you to use Wi-Fi to avoid wasting your mobile data. Once you’ve installed the update, you'll have to make further in-app downloads to get started with the ranked matches maps and other features.

What’s new in Season 9

New Shipment 1944

CoD's one of the biggest highlights of the Season 9 is the arrival of Shipment 1944 map. One other CoD Classic, the map is very small in size. Shipment supports TDM(Team Death Match), Free-For-All,Domination, Hardpoint,Ultra Rapid Fire, Gunfight,  1v1, Kill Confirmed, TDM 10v10.

We have played Hardpoint and Domination modes (non-ranked matches) within the new map so far. We suggest you to make use of lighter weapons which helps you move faster. Shotguns can be useful on the map. We will also advise you to use scorestreaks in the match more usually and quickly to maintain the momentum.

10v10 Match

Soon, it is possible for you to to play longer 10v10 matches. It will be available for multiplayer users. Modes supported are Team Deathmatch and Domination. You possibly can play 10v10 in Shipment, Takeoff, Meltdown, and Crossfire maps.

Gunsmith Update

Gamers can now select from a number of attachments to personalise their weapons. The Gunsmith additionally gives you a better interface to personalise your weapons. Call of Duty Mobile has additionally made some modifications to the weapons format you have collected so far. For example, Legendary Guns are now Blueprints. Uncommon  weapons are now camo choices. Some of the items out there for additional personalisation are charms, stickers, reticles, and grindable camos.

Gunsmith certainly allows you to personalise nearly every weapon. A detailed interface makes it simpler to know what modifications you’re making to the weapon. That stated, you may need to upgrade a few of your weapons. Guarantee you don't run out of XPs while doing so.

Battle Royale Play

For Battle Royale players, the new update brings an expanded map with 4 new areas to discover: Outpost, Dormitory, Radar Base, and Campground. Thes updated map additionally has a new armor plate item. You can use the armor plate to restore damaged armor. This will help you keep in a game for a longer time period.

Shield Turret

At Tier 14, all Call of Duty Mobile players will unlock the new Shield Turret Scorestreak. The new weapon permits users to blast enemies from behind its built-in cover.

At Tier 21, you'll be eligible for the Kilo Bolt-Action. It's basically a new functional weapon which makes mobility easier in addition to helps get single shot kill enemy.


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