It was reported previously that the iPhone 12 Pro series will not be equipped with a 120 Hz screen due to continuous failure of the test. Recently, there is more information that this product line will still not have a 120 Hz screen, but for another reason.

Accordingly, the founder and CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) Ross Young said 120Hz OLED panels are guaranteed and ready to be manufactured, but Apple cannot find a supply of IC. The driver controls the pixels at 120Hz. Instead of waiting, the company is again using the current 60Hz refresh rate.

If this is true, surely many people will be disappointed by the industry has gone so far and 120Hz screens are present on most flagships and some even reach 144Hz.

However, whether the 120Hz screen is present on the iPhone 12 Pro series is still an unanswered question, as leaker in group chat at Telegram and Twitter still have mixed information, such as screens. 120Hz image is still present but is disabled by software.

After all, we still have to wait until the next October event to get the most accurate information from Apple. At the event, there will be a lot of new products being launched and potentially, AirPower wireless charging reappear, and AirPods Studio headphones being released right during the event.


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