Apple has been "stuck" at 12MP since the iPhone was born in 2015. Although it is unclear why the Apple is still sticking with the 12MP sensor, that seems to be the same as the upcoming iPhone 12 continues to maintain the "traditional" 12MP but will be slightly different.

According to tipster Komiya, although Apple continues to use 12MP resolution for the 2 - 3 camera cluster on different iPhone 12, but these cameras have a big change, which is to be increased in size. Sensor.

Although it is not confirmed that Apple will choose which manufacturer for these sensors, the advantage comes from owning a larger sensor in smartphones is many. Most importantly, the larger size will allow the sensor to absorb more light, making the final image look a lot sharper.

The large-sized sensors are extremely useful when you are taking photos or videos in low light conditions. For ease of visualization, the iPhone 11 Pro has a 1 / 2.55 inch sensor for the primary sensor.

However, it is still unclear whether only the main sensor will be or all the sensors will be increased in size. Increasing the sensor size will also bring a host of superior features to the camera.

According to a recently leaked screenshot, iPhones 12 will have the option to record 4K 240fps slow-motion video, along with support for multiple modes, such as 'Enhanced Night Mode'. Advanced), 'Enhanced Noise Reduction', 'Bit Depth Video'.


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