To date, Microsoft's acquisition of TikTok is becoming more complicated as more and more new details appear.

On August 6, the Financial Times reported that Microsoft is looking to "acquire" all of TikTok's global operations, instead of just a small part in the US and certain countries. However, the source did not specify the scale and seriousness of this expansion.

It is known that the negotiation between ByteDance and Microsoft has just stopped at a preliminary level and no signing has been approved yet. Meanwhile, Microsoft did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Last Sunday, August 2, Microsoft said it was implementing an agreement to buy back TikTok operations in the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand markets.

However, this is a quite complicated deal when it is possible to create two TikTok platforms that operate independently in many different markets, making Microsoft's investment useless. So perhaps the technology giant will find ways to "acquire" TikTok completely.

The Financial Times said that if Microsoft buys TikTok's global operations (excluding Douyin - the Chinese version of the app), Microsoft will be able to strengthen its position in the international arena.

Now, President Trump has set a deadline of September 15, when TikTok will be banned in the US if not sold to an American company.

In addition to wanting to acquire TikTok's global operations - which includes India, Europe and all other countries where the app has launched, Microsoft is also considering spending a year separating TikTok from parent company ByteDace. and all concerns about US government security.

Most likely, however, Microsoft will need more time to isolate TikTok from ByteDance, which, according to an expert told the Financial Times, could take up to eight years.


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