Artificial Intelligence is one of the greatest achievements in the science and technology field. It provides human-level intelligence and accuracy to machines. We can say, machines that learn to think and behave like humans. || Best AI apps for android 2020 || top 7 artificial intelligence apps for android in September 2020 || Best free Android Artificial intelligence apps 2020

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the greatest achievements in the science and technology field. It provides human-level intelligence and accuracy to machines. We can say, machines that learn to think and behave like humans. AI machines have been beneficial to humans, helping to provide easier and more accurate ways to get advanced duties done. AI machines don't promise any emotional feelings or tasks.

Here are the Top 7 Artificial Intelligence Apps You Should Try This Week:

Google Allo

Gogole Allo
Google  Allo

When you're not in the mood to type a word and really feel tired after a long hit on the keyboard. You need to get information, video, or article on the subject you want, however laziness overwhelms you. Google Allo is available here to protect you.

You possibly can reply to messages without moving a finger. Smart reply learns your habits and responds to pictures and text in your way style. More than only a personal assistant at Google Allo, the place you can get creative by doodling pictures.



It's known as the perfect buddy app. Replika is without doubt one of the most popular and superior artificial intelligent apps. It was initially developed for iPhones however it's now accessible on Android phones. The app has the ability to make conversation with its users similar to an actual human. It is conversation appears not to be autogenerated.

The application has the flexibility to lean the person's preferences, due to this fact its conversation that will start as generic will begin to be more specific and personalized. Replika will develop a friendship that's just like any real-life relationship.


Image from Microsoft

Windows 10's Cortana is a familiar software. Obtainable on Windows Phone, the app is now obtainable on Android smartphones as well.
It lets you perform duties that require hands. For instance, you can schedule a meeting and the remaining will be handled by Cortana. Additionally, it may be used to send emails, search for desired products, or something you can find on the Web.


Elsa Speak
Image from YouTube

If you want to improve your English in an interesting way without paying high charges? Elsa is here to teach you. Elsa's full name is "English Language Speech Assistant". Elsa is an artificial intelligence app that gives skilled coaching on pronunciation with a sequence of exercises and educational materials.

The app can ask to your native language and organize its questions accordingly. For those who actually need to know the pronunciation of a particular phrase, discover ways to enter a phrase. The app is on the market totally free on the Play store. Install now and develop English environment in a straight away.



FaceApp is the most-liked Artificial Intelligence-driven app on each Android and iOS. It was built by Facebook. This helps to turn present pictures into an impressive picture. You can change the entire look like a smile, coiffure, and give a completely different look by this AI app.

Calorie Mama AI

Calorie Mama AI

Calorie Mama AI is a meal planner app that mechanically calculates calories by taking photos of meals. It analyzes meals by pictures and tells you the calories within the food. This app can categorize foods such as vegetables, meats, drinks, and fruits, etc.

Stifr Magic Cleaner

Stifr Magic Cleaner

This app is one of the widespread Artificial Intelligence apps that can be used to find junk pictures on your smartphone to free up some space. The pictures are examined by a machine learning technique. Apart from that, the app is fast and provides outcomes immediately. Additionally, users can manually select to delete pictures or permit Siftr to work. 


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