ByteDance and Tencent are facing critical situation as U.S President Trump banned Tiktok and WeChat in America

As reported previously, US President Donald J. Trump announced that he would ban TikTok application in America. However, the US wants to go even further a few minutes ago when it banned both TikTok and WeChat apps because of a national emergency.

Accordingly, US President Donald J. Trump at the beginning of the evening of August 6 (US East Coast time) issued an executive order banning all US transactions with ByteDance and Tencent, the Chinese company that owns TikTok and WeChat application for 45 days.

The orders came this week as the Trump administration said it was stepping up efforts to purge "untrusted" Chinese apps from US digital networks and calling TikTok and WeChat apps "significant threat".

TikTok app can be used for misinformation campaigns in the favor of CCP * and the US “must take active action against TikTok's owners to protect our national security,” President Trump said in the decree.

In addition, Trump said the WeChat app “automatically captures a large amount of information from users. This data collection threatens to allow CCP * to access personal and proprietary American information.”

A ban on WeChat is valid in the United States for 45 days by prohibiting “to the extent permitted under applicable law, any transaction related to WeChat by any person or in connection with Any property is subject to US jurisdiction over Tencent Holdings Ltd”.

Earlier this year, Trump said that he would support the sale of TikTok operations in the US to Microsoft Corp if the US government received “a substantial portion” of the deal but warned he would ban the service at America on September 15th.

Currently, both companies that own TikTok and WeChat, Tencent and ByteDance, declined to comment on this information.


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